Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tom Jones International (T)

In Kansas City, they laugh at their neighbours in South Carolina, for taking such pride in having "International" in the title of their airport. They got it courtesy of an irregular flight to Germany, put on by the airlines to service BMW management flying from headquarters to their US manufacturing plant.
Now, Cardiff city airport is also International due to the odd flight to Europe. Apparently to glam it up a bit, the Welsh are thinking of renaming it "Tom Jones International", which of course would get my vote.

So, onto my real point, my newly found fame in a small section of central London. It's because I share a name with the singer that I was approached to appear in a fairly local advertising campaign in Victoria, near Buckingham Palace. (This is all pretty weird, so bear with me).

The theme is 'Tom Jones shops at Cardinal Place', 'Julia Roberts shops at Cardinal Place', etc. Except that 'Tom Jones' is just me, and 'Julia Roberts' is a shop assistant from Croydon. That sort of thing. So they have made posters in the local Tube stations, and also these bizarre little videos (see above).

I was impressed with the integrity of the advertising agency, bothering to use people who actually shared the name with the star: but as it turns out they had no choice if they want to avoid being sued by the more famous owner of the name.

Anyhow, you can see the campaign online...if you can be bothered, you need to mess about a bit to find my profile on this website.

Click here for the YouTube 'viral' campaign

Click here for the Cardinal Place website


Megs said...

i love it! you're famous!!!!!!!!!! go Tom!

Nicole, Graeme and Janel said...

That is such an innovative and quirky avertising campaign!

And how cool that you are 'No 1'!

And now you have your own claim to fame to boot!

Anonymous said...

Our Tom became famous when he married our Anita love Dad BosmaXX

anita said...

awww...thanks dad! lovely to speak with you two this morning - have had a really nice day. 35 is pretty good


Megs said...

happy birthday dear Anita!
there's a movie just for you on our blog!
love megs

Joshua said...

dude... Sarah sent me the link to the site and i watched a few of the videos of the 'famous' people, but totally didn't notice it was you until i finally clicked on it and watch your video. very cool man...

Jenny said...

How funny! That is great.

Benjamin Ady said...

it's still Anita's birthday here!
Did you get our voicemails? We weren't sure if it was the right number! love m

sam becca & zach said...

this is cool tom.. especially as you are deservedly the No 1

i guess julia roberts didn't make the cut on the cardinal place website.

did you get to choose 'pants' as your product?

i was walking past Cardinal Place and around Victoria yesterday and was keeping an eye out for the campaign posters.

baker st jones said...

No, I'm just a small cog in the media machine. It's a bit of a stretch to even say that I shop at Cardinal Place, though while the cheques come in I am prepared to keep quiet about that.

anita said...

i guess it's the whole thing of pants and tom jones - women throwing their panties at him

gretta at lothlorien said...

Well done, Tom. We look forward to actually hearing what you are saying. Can't get sound here, and were also blocked from your main thing. See you soon.

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

That's WONDERFUL! How fun!
i love the video (tho' like Mum I'm yet to hear the sound...)

Do you remember when we got you to 'open' our housewarming in Ultimo shortly after the other Tom Jones had opened the Star City Casino around the corner? But we didn't have billboards.

much love to you all,