Saturday, March 26, 2011

I go downstairs to make them toast....(A)

and return to discover Stella has eaten a postage stamp that fell off my desk... it was first class no less!

Reminds me of a family story, when my brother David was little and he was helping lick the stamps for Aunty Ruby in the office, and he swallowed one! It also happened to be one of the more expensive ones, right? Wasn't it one for overseas?

We are having a lazy, relaxed Saturday morning....Tom in bed, all 4 kids in lounge, watching Bob the builder and eating sticky bits of paper.

Megan and Coco, who are here for 12 days are spending the weekend at Sam and Becca's...looking forward to having them ALL here for the night of the 31st march!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yesterday and the day before (A)

Stella seems destined to have her picture taken at the pub across from church....where this Sunday we ate lunch again, (this time with Jude Law and his kids/friends on the table down from us!)....Stella, had she been awake here, would have been facing him. She literally falls asleep in our arms, no screams, no grizzles, she is amazing.

Once home, it was time for Eddie to finish his homework...what do you think he is studying at the moment?

Monday morning, and Roo is now also off to school (just til 12pm)....he is on the end, in red vest. Everyone is very calm.

Later, at home we inspect the fact that our house seems to be falling apart.

Last night, just before bed, Tom spotted these 2, engrossed in the dinosaur library book. Later, at 1am I got up (for 2 hours) for Roo who just kept on vomiting. Ah, a quiet day in today. Sun streaming in through the windows.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Belated pix of Seb's sea creature party (A)

An underwater theme, which involved Seb dressing up as Kwasi the adventurous kitten from the Octonauts....

Andy-croc helping Mummy-crab with games, and here, bubbles. Can you see the rock we found on the sea floor, hanging from the ceiling...? We had to crack it open to see what treasures were inside!!

Jumping over the waves! But all a bit much for poor little Peso the penguin. Thank goodness for Aunty Becca.

More games. But Peso has had enough.

Seb designed this cake himself. Stella held all party-long by lovely Jayne from church. Eddie, the deep sea diver with his party bag.

Monday, March 07, 2011

The Rainforest Cafe (A)

....Have not actually been there yet, but recommended by friends.....just looking in the windows seemed fascinating enough for the boys. Can you see Tom's reflection in the glass? looking harrassed already, and the day's bowling trip had not yet even begun....aaaahhhhh, kids