Tuesday, February 21, 2006


As mentioned previously on this blog, on Friday mornings we go to the playgroup at St Mary's. Here's Eddie with his mate, Tom.

On Friday afternoons we walk to Westbourne Park (near Notting Hill) along Harrow road (kind of harrowing, because it's busy, noisy and polluted...but also quite enjoyable, because there are so many CARS to look at!).

We are going there for a 10 week course I'm doing to become a Breastfeeding Peer Counsellor
...which means I can support and encourage breastfeeding mums on a voluntary basis, in the community and in health clinics, etc. It is great fun - Eddie goes to the creche where he is treated like a little prince by Winnie and Petra, who adore him.

It was FREEZING when I took this photo of Eddie...his snowsuit has been essential this winter!


sam and becca said...

it is so chilly these days!

eddie, i'm glad you enjoy cars- broooooooooooooom.

uncle sam (future role model)

Anonymous said...

Like the blog, like the style and like to see Eddie growing big


Rachel Jones said...

from pmq i love the thought of chilly! it's been stinking hot and humid for months...
i'm really enjoying these regular photos and updates on your days.

(aunty) rachel

(PS is that anonymous commentator annie mcintyre?)

baker st jones said...

i think, in fact, it might be annie colquhoun (writing from canberra)...but please inform annie m of this blog when you see her next, a