Saturday, November 27, 2010

The tide rolling in (A)

In the October holidays, Eddie, Seb and I built sandcastles and then watched the incoming tide wash them away. For more pix of our Cornwall holiday please scroll down to my blog on 'solid starts' (I began it then, but have not posted it til now, but the draft was back dated.) It was a great time.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

7 and a half months or 'Our wall of fame' (A)

Stella was not quite sure why, on a cold Sunday afternoon Eddie and Mummy took her to John Lewis in a taxi.

This man seems friendly enough, yes, i will smile at him thinks stella....

oooo, what a good job

Hang on, I'm not so sure about this!!

I (Anita) am proud to say all the 4 kids have now had their imprints done at John Lewis (Tom does not understand the big deal of these imprints he says) - the 3 boys' hang on their wall and they await stella's (background colour 'heather'....eddie's is 'light green', seb was 'terracotta' and roo 'violet') to join them!

Eddie's were done in 2005, on my way to the Clapham vicarage (it was the day of the Summer Fair). He was 7 and a half weeks old! Seb and Roo were done together - well we had to go back with Roo the next week because he wouldn't uncurl his fist on the day!- when we were back in London, after our Oz Seb was 19 months and Roo only 9 weeks. why am i telling you this? I don't know

maybe it marks the end of a little era in my life. i don't think i will be getting any more imprints done... and, i am thankful this time i remembered to get some pix of the event!

Here they are in their fairylight glory, awaiting Stella......

this morning (A)

i was carrying roo - he was still sleepy - down the stairs telling him he had lovely hair, a lovely nose, lovely eyes....we looked in the big mirror on our way down. i pointed out his lovely teeth, his lovely chin.... then he said..... 'i love my face'.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some holiday pix - Cornwall (A)

We stayed at a gorgeous family hotel in Fowey. 4 nights, 15 minute walk down to the beach. I know the next pic is blurry but at least we are all in it!

On the grounds of the hotel: Roo was scared of these plants. They did look a bit frightening.

Can you see the starfish (directly down from Eddie's left hand)? And below, Stella, star girl, looking out onto the house of comedy star, Dawn French.

Walking home.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

5 years of solid starts (A)

Eddie's first solids pix were never posted (up til now!) and here are the links for seb and roo -