Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Lakes (T)

We spent the last week in a converted barn just on the edge of the Lake District, near Whitehaven. This is also the starting point for the "coast to coast" walk that you can do across England, which my parents did 10 years ago.

While we didn't really do justice to the fell walks that are available, we did enjoy the lovely countryside and strolled around a few lakes. (Have a look on youtube for the little video). The boy is walking well now, and walked with us on some of the smoother paths, occasionally taking it on himself to repeatedly turn around and go back down the path we'd been walking.
There was also a nice moment on the holiday, not captured electronically, where Eddie was trying to drink from his water bottle while Anita was trying to sneak a mouthful of some unwanted food (vegetables probably). Anita would slip the spoon towards his mouth as he went to drink and he'd then shut his mouth closed. They both tried this several times, neither succeeding in their aim, and eventually the boy turned his head to one side and laughed.

Window Cleaning (T)

We had our windows cleaned recently, greatly improving the light in our flat.

As you can see (i) Eddie enjoyed watching from a safe distance (ii) if you know how high our flat is, this guy is not really on the right page for health and safety.