Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Season

Unfortunately Eddie has spent all of December so far, bunged up big time with a NASTY cold/cough/temperature, etc. He sees the Doctor today at 11am. Here he is relaxing in his chair. He has been very unhappy the last few days. I think his teeth are bothering him too...he now has 6! They just keep popping out.

But one thing is very exciting...he is learning to sleep through the night! I slept for 7 hours uninterrupted last night - this is a first for me, for over 8 months!! I feel like a new woman.

Here's Eddie's Uncle Sam, and, if you look very closely his Aunty Becca too!! Selfridges have very interesting window displays this Christmas Season called 'Wrapped'. This is London wrapped up...for more pictures of this display see Sam and Becca's blog.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Eddie's friend, William, offers Eddie a plastic cup. These cups are great - they stack up to make a tower - a present from the Brisbane Bosmas. Thanks! William is 10 months older than Eddie...my plan is that Eddie watches him walk and talk, and takes note.