Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Last Few Weeks (T)

For the week after the birth, Anita and Seb went into hospital for treatment for his jaundice and other minor ailments. That's what the glowing light is for in the photo.

Then, thank God, my mother arrived and has tirelessly helped around the house, with Eddie, and Seb.

Finally, Eddie making a phone call. The 'um' mimics his mother's phone manner.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sebastian Ardley Jones (T)

Born: 12:20am 12th January 2007
Weight: 3.7 Kilos
Height: 52 Centimeters

Overnight success? (E)

Eddie here. Well, my Dad put me down pretty late Thursday night, probably around 9:30pm. Mum had had a bit of a strange day, and didn't seem to be 100%, but otherwise everything seemed normal enough.

Then, I get up Friday morning, and what do you know - my parents had a nice present for me! A large wooden digger! Here it is in a photo.

There had also clearly been some other stuff going on during the night, as we also have a new baby. Here I am giving him a gentle pat.

Although I didn't hear anything, I suspect it was a fairly dramatic evening - look at this picture! Maybe mummy and daddy needed to call the ambulance men! Maybe they even delivered the baby! Wow!

Daddy says he that Phil, the paramedic, took a a nice photo of Daddy and the baby just 5 minutes after it was born, at around 12:27am, but he won't show it to me, he just swears and says something about bluetooth. Maybe later.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Trains (T)

We have a slide show on our home computer that exclusively contains pictures of trains, either those we've taken ourselves such as this one, or those downloaded from googling the internet. This is largely for the entertainment of he who remains at this point our only child.

The two videos in today's blog are from Baker St Tube, which also serves as an entertainment venue.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day (T)

Beacon Hill, on walk #204 around the Prime Minister's rural retreat
'Chequers', from my father's "1001 walks in Britain: The ultimate collection of Britain's best walks". I caught the Chilterns train from Marylebone station to Little Kimble and did this walk to mark the new year.

Suns, hills, travellers, gates, there's a metaphor there somewhere.