Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sebastian Ardley Jones (T)

Born: 12:20am 12th January 2007
Weight: 3.7 Kilos
Height: 52 Centimeters


Megs said...

you are so lovely nephew Sebastian! Cousin Coco says "Cousin! Coco! I wanna say my cousin Sebastan!"
i love you four very much!
love, megs

Megs said...

Eddie darling, Eowyn wanted to tell you that, when Coco was born, the first month was kinda challenging,getting used to sharing Mummy and Daddy, and now, Coco is one of her bestest friends!!!!!!!!!!

And Eddie, when your Daddy was born, it was kinda challenging for me for a little bit, but now I'm very thankful for my little brother Tom!!!!!!!!!

Auntie Megs

Megs said...

Beautiful, of course. Is that a shot in hospital??

Megs said...

I do love the name "Seb". Tom, do you remember the Mills boys down the road in Cambridge? Tobias, Dominic, Benedict and Sebastian.LOVE, mum

baker st jones said...

Yes, Anita and Seb are spending a few days in hospital for treating (mild) jaundice, which was picked up when we talk him in the day after he was born for check up. It's nothing to worry about.

The Pocknalls said...

A beautiful boy. I love the name too.
Congratulations again.

Nicole and Graeme said...

Hey guys! Just heard the news so thought we'd check out the blog. FAB news!! Congrats to you both!! Seb is gorgeous, and well done Anita for managing at home - especially as that wasn't the plan! Can't wait to meet the little chap in person.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joneses - I've been watching avidly for the news, what a great thing to find out when I turned up to work this morning that Sebastian was born. There was a very happy whoop that emanated from near my computer.

much love annie (colquhoun)

Benjamin Ady said...

Congratulaions! Sebastian is beautiful! I'm stoked that all went so well. Can't wait to see you 4 some time--feels like it's been way too long.

anita said...

yeah - i agree benjamin(maybe bcse the others have seen each other and we missed self pity here, promise)....but i do wish we could go to seattle again and hang at yours - that would be GREAT

thanks you for all your lovely comments everyone - the birth was a very WONDERFUL experience. i would recommend homebirths to everyone and some v good books i read in preparation for the birth - about alxander technique and one by ina may gaskin. and of course the hypnobirthing stuff


Megs said...

You are very, very welcome to come to Seattle again and hang out, Anita, Tom, Eddie and Seb!!!! 'Twould be lovely!!!!!!

anita said...

we could even have a spa bath i hear