Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mornings (T)

Start with a bang, though generally a fairly good natured one, as our 3 little ones burst out of their room. This morning I dished out the weetabix, milk, and eddie dished out the questions. Started with "when will the world finish", and speculated "may be 1000 years", before moving on to more familiar territory "who'd win a fight between a t-rex and a knight".

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Norfolk (T)

During our blog outage, we took a trip to Norfolk for a long weekend. On the way we passed an RAF airforce base, full of fighter planes. This led Eddie into one of his favoured topics, the likely winners of battles between various combitants. The airforce base led him to pose to me the question, who would win, a figher plane and a rat, against a solider ('fighting man') and a dog. I favoured the rat/plane combination, though largely on the strength of the plane, though I accepted his point that the man/dog combination could hide out under cover of the trees.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Hard Drive (T)

One reason we've been offline for a bit, is that our hard-drive died. As my system of backups had fallen into abeyance late last year, it means we've lost the last few months photos, other than those 'backed up' on our blog. This is really no tragedy, as it will be about 10,000 photos that we'd rarely if ever bother looking at - digital cameras really make it so easy to record more of your life than you could ever possibly have time to review.