Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mornings (T)

Start with a bang, though generally a fairly good natured one, as our 3 little ones burst out of their room. This morning I dished out the weetabix, milk, and eddie dished out the questions. Started with "when will the world finish", and speculated "may be 1000 years", before moving on to more familiar territory "who'd win a fight between a t-rex and a knight".


Megs said...

i love you Eddie!

gretta at lothlorien said...

So like your questions as a boy, Tom. Where is that photo of Seb taken??

Kathryn said...

personally, I think a good knight would just about manage against a t-rex - after all St George beat the dragon, and he had fire to contend with too ;)

I love hearing these little stories, even though it makes me so sad that I haven't seen you all in over a year :(


anita said...

i know...such a shame....move houston to london