Friday, November 30, 2007

Aunt's Are (T)

The boys have had their aunts Seren and Megan for the last week, both have returned home (to Melbourne and Seattle). Eddie took a particular shine to Megan, referring to her ususally as "her", as in "her is still here" when she appeared from the bedroom the morning after arrival, and "her didn't want to get on the plane", when she cried on departure.

On Seren's recommendation we went to Bago winery on Monday, a local winery that makes about 100,000 bottles a year. We all agreed that they had a couple of excellent whites, particularly their Verdhelo, a grape I'd never heard of.

Sebastian remains an enthusiastic fan of the sand, and although it's hard to believe he actually enjoys the process of eating it, he never misses an opportunity.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New York and Port Macquarie (T)

Struggling to keep up to date; partly because in the last week I have again been to two of the cities listed in this picture.

While I was away, Anita, Jody and the boys went
"whale watching". You don't get your money back if there are no whales, and there weren't.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pools & Rain (T)

The boys have just finished a 8 week swimming course; Sebastian was gung-ho from the start, but Eddie took a few weeks to warm up. The water sports haven't been limited to the pool; this week has rained almost solidly and the sand pit has been more or less completely abandoned to its watery fate.

More adventures in the dash-8 commute. On Thursday, I booked myself on the earlier flight (for some reason that now escapes me). Of course, I didn't remember, so I turned up at the airport and needed to buy the final available ticket on the 6:45pm flight to get a seat. I've always been slightly bothered and quite impressed in novels when characters just saunter up to an airport and buy a ticket and get on a plane. I'm always stuck envious of their nonchanlance, but thinking "if they'd booked online the week before, they would have got a much better deal".

Anyway, another, smaller, plane landed at PMQ before mine did. Eddie was waiting with Grandma, and when people started to get off he said "Oh, they're big". I suppose he expected small people on small planes.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Red back

Last weekend I found (and killed) a red back spider in the lounge room; as far as I can remember its the first time I've ever seen one alive. Mum & Dad fumigated the house on Tuesday...