Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cup Final Day (T)

Eddie loves belly buttons and cheerios. He also loves his lego blocks (pictured) and that strange orange jelly fish toy.

Today was cup final day, and Eddie is pictured symbolically holding 3 yellow blocks, for west ham, and 2 red ones, for liverpool. That was the score a few moments from the end.

He didn't anticipate, however, Stephen Gerrard's 91st minute equalizer, and Liverpool's subsequent victory on penalties. The 3-3 draw followed by a successful shootout mirrored their champion's league win last year.

Another anniversary: It was FA cup final day last year when Sam and Becca got married, so happy first year of marriage. No pics of them, but a couple of photos of police and flowers, taken at the big elephant event in St James' park (see Sam and Becca's blog for details).

As you can tell, we weren't really close enough to the big elephant, thus the cops & flowers.

Finally, it really does feel like summer these days, and here's the little boy dressed for the season..

Monday, May 01, 2006

Bowling, birthdays, grandparents... (T)

Clearly the blogging heart of our family has faltered, so taking the opportunity to distinguish May from a quiet April, here is a record of Edmund's first birthday and the events & celebrations surrounding it...