Thursday, September 24, 2009

Doctor (T)

I took Eddie to the Doctor's soon after we got back, picked up a school bug of some sort. As we sat there, he was eye-ing the small bed in the corner of the room, and after a while he said to me "Daddy, where do Doctors sleep"?

We clarified with the Doctor that she slept in a normal house like normal people, and did not even nap on the bed in her office.

Roo in Paris.

Anita on the Seine.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

French BLogs (T)

I guess we've been busy, sick and overwhelmed by the number (if not quality) of pictures from our French sojourn. Here are a few classic landmarks of our motoring trip through Brittany, Paris and Normandy.

Blustery Brittany.

Mont St-Michel.

Driving into Paris surprisingly easy.

Trainspotting in Gare de l'Est.