Thursday, September 24, 2009

Doctor (T)

I took Eddie to the Doctor's soon after we got back, picked up a school bug of some sort. As we sat there, he was eye-ing the small bed in the corner of the room, and after a while he said to me "Daddy, where do Doctors sleep"?

We clarified with the Doctor that she slept in a normal house like normal people, and did not even nap on the bed in her office.

Roo in Paris.

Anita on the Seine.


gretta at lothlorien said...

So glad that the Doctor story was a funny one, and not bad news! Eddie also looks to be slightly troubled by the hanging feet in the pic. Anita, you lookso gorgeous on the Seine. love

Megs said...

get well soon Eddie darling!

Seren said...

Sending you get well wishes and kisses, dear Eddie, for your piggy piggy flu. xx Aunt Seren