Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's raining again

We have had so much lovely rain. There was a storm on Sunday too, with iridescent orange light at 8am in the morning glowing like a big UFO had landed, grey grey sky then a crack of lightning and then thunder...then a huge downpour and wind, wind, wind. The boy loved it.

He and I have colds to match, which makes it very cosy to sit around at home watching the rain. We do fun things like watching Ellisio, the cleaner for our mansion block, vacuuming the stairs.

....gezellig heh?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday Mornings (T)

The boy slept until 10am this (saturday) morning; I don't think we could ask for much more than that in a child.

The collective slow start meant that someone's mother didn't get her birthday call. Happy birthday Mum!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

3 palaces (T)

Today's post shows two of the three palaces we visited this weekend. London has been lovely in the sun, we enjoyed roast lamb at sam and becca's after church at Ascension. Saturday we walked along the thames until Eddie ran out of steam.

Friday, November 17, 2006

33 weeks (T)

Autumn is developing into winter, we're seeing more of sam and becca, the boy now jives if he likes the song, Anita is now 33 weeks pregnant, all is well.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

human aeroplanes and family friends (A&T)

Family friend Peter R has moved on from visiting the Adys in Seattle and paid a visit to the London Joneses, including my uncle & aunt the human aeroplanes.

I also found this excellent machine for clearing the autumnal leaves.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

more photos for Tom

Here I am early in the morning...hiding under Mummy's bump

Well, I guess it wasn't that early because it was 3 and a half hours after you had already left Dadda...but why are my sleeves so long?

As Mummy mentioned, we went for a 5pm walk round my favourite streets. Most of the time I was pretty happy, but then sometimes I got upset with my wagon or with Mummy, when she tried to rush me across the street too fast...but it was good to see the buses

I tried to kiss her several times over dinner...

and then we smiled into the camera for YOU

Just before my bath I played with the skittles, throwing them into the hall

I love you Dadda, I miss you

To Oslo...continued

OK, some photos of our day.....

Eddie playing with his cups after waking from his nap

We did go out for our 'last of daylight' walk...but as you can see it got dark very quickly...despite a few tantrums E was very happy walking his wagon around....

Peek-a-boo during dinner time

Kiss for mummy

Bath time

Book before bed

To Oslo with love

As Tom is in Oslo I am blogging a bit about the boy's day...so you don't miss the little fella too much Tom...

We had a relaxed morning...played with toys in the lounge room, lovely classical music on. Eddie ate a bowl of muesli and half a toasted bagel with vegemite. After eating the pieces on his plate, he soon enough came to me, carrying the empty plate saying 'mor mor'. Drank a cup of strawberry and banana smoothie. Beautiful bright pink moustache which he actually let me wipe clean!

Not quite so docile with the dressing routine. Had to bribe him with a gingerbread biscuit to put on his coat, shoes, and get him into the buggy. Once in, behaved beautifully, esp as there was a plethora of sirens, garbage trucks, motorbikes to keep him occupied.

Currently asleep (2.30pm), Eddie enjoyed a 'music with Margareta' session earlier today...we danced with scarves, hit drums and marched round the room singing 'Grand old duke of York' etc, etc. He spent a lot of the time with his finger in his mouth looking uncertain and clinging to his 'mummay', but he definitely likes it.

I am amazed he can sleep...he is halfway through his nap, as there are workmen everywhere round the mansion block and on the street at the moment. I hear them going up and down the firestairs using colourful language.

We walked home, past Planet Organic where I bought some more of those pasta shapes made from vegetables that he likes. Also Krispy Kreme doughnuts for me from the Russell Square Tesco, which have made me feel ill....I have eaten way too many.

It is overcast today.

.................Okay....it now 4pm, and he's up and full of energy. First thing he did upon waking was to run up and down the hall saying 'buh buh' excitedly - I think he was responding to the banging he could hear from the work they are doing in the bottom flat. Then i attempted to give him some vegetables for 'lunch' (which he wouldn't eat before sleep) but only succeeded in him eating one red kidney bean. Thus.....

It is cold enough for heating to be switched on! And is almost dark...must get out before the day is over...