Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roo is Two (A)

Pass the parcel - made by Shannon, for Reuben (so you know, Zach won the hot wheels car, and the others got chocs like milky ways and smarties)

Godmother Gemma...

The chair behind Reuben gives him a halo - our little Angel boy, our Reuben Gabriel.....

On the terrace

Toy insects from Gemma...

My darling Tom, father to these gorgeous boys. How lucky we are.

Reuben picking at the spoils. In a few minutes, Uncle Sam, Aunty Becca, Zach and Martha will arrive and so will family friend Sharon...then the party truly starts with champagne popping, egg and spoons racing, parcels passing and music playing....Happy Birthday dear Reuben, you are a delight and a joy - we love you so - God bless you.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Finally....the camera! (A)

Along with the drama of moving house with our (2 of them sick) small boys, losing my bank card, being very pregnant, having a brand new aupair arrive and come live with us, in a new house with its own strange history and broken plumbing...on a freezing day in march, the camera battery went flat.

I had no idea where the charger was - still don't - so i bought a new one and discovered these images. These shots were taken c. the time of our move, stella's birth, my parents visit, wow! it is good to see them, and i want to show some that are dear to me (apologies for the repeated ones of the house - i seem to be too brain dead to fight the computer tonight)

Some early pictures of the house - taken when we first moved in (march)

Dear reuben was so sick when we first moved - he was so dehydrated, unable to keep anything down for days - he got quite thin

Eddie was robin hood for school book week and here he and seb fight for the camera before school

Martha's first visit to the house

Mothers day

Wow- that big round ball of a belly is stella

Mum and dad are here!

31st march!

2nd april - a baby born....

Junko, my midwife - a day after stella's birth (Junko has now had her own baby boy)

A few gray hairs in your beard darling, i will never forget your help delivering our 4th baby

Stella is given Buzz Lightyear to hold

Dad's bonfire - clearing out the old decking from the terrace

2 days after stella was born - easter sunday - releasing balloons outside church

it is cold in London town say the grandparents

Sunday, July 04, 2010