Sunday, March 18, 2007

Baptism (T)

The two boys were baptised today, at the Church of the Ascension. The vicar, Stephen Hance, takes a literal and enthusiastic approach to the ceremony, so the boys were more bathed than dabbed. We have been attending this church for 8 years, and although our plans this year are not to be in London much, it was proper that this be the place our boys be welcomed into God's family.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Eddie on Valentine's day

As Eddie watched me put this image onto the blog he said 'Eddie pushchair' and then seeing the previous post, 'baby sleeping' is great to hear him speaking so lucidly. If not a bit startling too.

Click on this photo of him taken on the bus, Feb 14th this year, and you'll see a winsome, is it love-lorn (?) look on his face.... I wonder what he was thinking about? As far as I know his first love is the bus itself...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Times (T)

There's a nice cartoon in today's Sunday Times, a picture of two booksellers or publishers holding a copy of the new autobiography by Steve Harmison (the England fast bowler). The book's title is "My story - how we won the Ashes", one bookseller says to the other "it's not as accurate as we had hoped."

Here's a photo of Eddie at Seb's current age, being held by his paternal Grandfather.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ed&Seb (T)

This morning I took the two boys out, giving Anita some space. I become three people as I go down the street and across to Regent's park. The park was lovely, the start of spring, the two boys in the 'Phil&Ted', the de rigueur push-chair-for-two from New Zealand. When we got half way around the lake I offered Eddie the chance to get out and walk; normally he is first with the idea. He got out and mostly ran from then on, I kept up walking briskly. Seb basically slept the whole time. As it was early, it was just us, joggers, dogs and other parents with children. After our long walk, we finished up in Paddington Gardens playground, with the nannies, and lots of French grandmothers, mums and dads.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cambridge (T)

Here's a nice picture of Anita in Cambridge in 2002. Notice the two separate distribution points for food.
Seb is sleeping fairly well at night now, though both boys were disturbed on Thursday night, when I was away in Zurich.