Sunday, March 18, 2007

Baptism (T)

The two boys were baptised today, at the Church of the Ascension. The vicar, Stephen Hance, takes a literal and enthusiastic approach to the ceremony, so the boys were more bathed than dabbed. We have been attending this church for 8 years, and although our plans this year are not to be in London much, it was proper that this be the place our boys be welcomed into God's family.


Anonymous said...

Am just looking at photos from today. I'll get a cd to you in the next few days. It was SOOO good to spend the afternoon with you all. Thank you! (And many thanks to Becca and Sam for the food and hospitality!)
Ruth xx

sam and becca said...

it was a lovely day. beautiful photo of you and the boys anita. b

gretta at lothlorien said...

Oh! How gorgeous. Seb is changing so much. So responsive.

anita said...

He always has a big smile for me - even first thing in the morning when he is hungry.

suzyb said...

beautiful boys. have yet to meet seb, but love checking out the photos on the blog.

i hear you're in oz for a few weeks. have a great time.

Simon Elliott said...

Congratulations guys,
It is always great to hear when Christian people have their children baptised. There is something very real about using a symbol to show their involvement in God's people, to show that they are a part of God's people.
A nice change from my seemingly constant conversations with people looking for "christenings" for their kids after they got married in the church here.

Hope you guys are well.
The photos look great