Friday, November 30, 2007

Aunt's Are (T)

The boys have had their aunts Seren and Megan for the last week, both have returned home (to Melbourne and Seattle). Eddie took a particular shine to Megan, referring to her ususally as "her", as in "her is still here" when she appeared from the bedroom the morning after arrival, and "her didn't want to get on the plane", when she cried on departure.

On Seren's recommendation we went to Bago winery on Monday, a local winery that makes about 100,000 bottles a year. We all agreed that they had a couple of excellent whites, particularly their Verdhelo, a grape I'd never heard of.

Sebastian remains an enthusiastic fan of the sand, and although it's hard to believe he actually enjoys the process of eating it, he never misses an opportunity.


sam and becca said...

how wonderful!

look at seb's blonde hair!!

Megs said...

i miss you so much, Eddie and Bastian and Tom and Anita and Seren and Mum and Dad! Wasn't it wonderful being together?

"her" sends SPECIAL love to Eddie!!

Jenny said...

Lovely photos of Megs and Seren.

Megs said...

i looked at the pictures of Bago Winery on their website, and felt this great big sad feeling in my heart, because there we were all together - it was lovely, wasn't it? 'auntie megan, can you climb the purple tree with me again?' said Eddie!

much love to each of you,