Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Barham not Balham (T)

I'm under a tree in Balham, updating my blog like a facebook status. Aargh I wrote Balham. I'm actually in Barham - one letter but 10 000 miles. The boys are playing, Sebastian by eating the woodchips, Eddie with his new friend Tyler (whose mother just left him here). Anita has just been at the shops. Tyler is apparently 7, in fact he has probably told me everything about his age, names, school etc. Eddie is loving it. He just came up and said "we've had a wonderful time. But we're still here, playing together".

Eddie has just hit the age of saying the cutest things; he didn't want to go into a dark room in the old Koondrook train station, because (in his soft low serious voice) "there are lions in there, lions and tigers".


sam and becca said...

adorable! looking forward to chatting with the little man next month :-)

Jenny said...

Tom and Anita, When are you returning to the UK? Can we see you again?

Megs said...

Eddie, I am VERY glad you didn't go into that dark room filled with lions and tigers. Very wise.

Cosette and Eddie are very similar! This morning Cosette told me, in detail, and in a similar low, serious voice, all about the snowflake catchers who go shhhhwwwwwwshhhhhh and are white and make the snow fall quietly.

love, and missing you,
Auntie/Sister Megan! (You're included in the sister Anita! We're listening to Nick Drake, who makes me think of you as you introduced me to him - thanks!)

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Dear boy! Can't wait to see him - and all of you - in just a few weeks! YAY!!!!