Sunday, December 23, 2007

One final Perth Trip (T)

Anita and the boys made a final trip from the east coast to Perth. The return flight to Sydney was pretty rocky, lots of turblence, and when the plane landed Eddie happily announced "We did it Mum. We made it". He then looked out the window and when he got off the plane he reported to me "We came on a big plane and here there are so many medium sized planes".


anita said...

i actually vomited bcse of the turbulence, not fun at the best times but esp difficult being on my own, with seb on my lap and eddie nxt to me moaning....the people around me were so good , handing me tissues and replacing my vom bag, making sympethetic noises etc

turbulence on planes is bad

anita said...

sympAthetic noises

Benjamin Ady said...

Hello! Megan speaking!

i relate Anita! i had an excruciating migraine midway on a long flight from the usa to australia, and an amazing woman who I think actually may have been an angel gave me some pain medicine and looked after baby Coco and toddler Eowyn for an hour whilst I sleep. Had she not been there, i don't know if i'd have made it!

all the VERY best for your flight to England - when do you leave? Your tips on readapting to a cold clime after a warm were very helpful to me! All the best to all four of you for that adaptation!
We had a White Christmas, which made the cold worth it!!

Eddie, the plane to london shall be a BIG BIG BBBIIIIIGGGG plane!!!!

Love to each of you,
(Auntie) Megan!