Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Farm - Altogether Now (T)

The six jones (plus seren for a day) have just enjoyed a couple of weeks at 'The Farm'. It was hot and dry most of the time, though the last couple of days we had some rain - the first significant rainfall in the Barham area since June. The best thing about the farm? Probably the lack of TV, internet & mobile phone coverage. The worst thing? The flies. Everybody said that there was an unusually large number of flies this year, but we didn't believe it.


Suse T said...

Great to see pics of the farm - many wonderful memories come to mind. Lovely to see you guys enjoyed family time down there.

Has Ky changed much?

sam and becca said...

it looks like eddie and seb get on really well. excellent.

farm looking very dry.

josh and sarah 10.05.07 said...

seb looks kinda like a pirate in the swingset foto! wish we had striped pants like that.

- josh and sarah

baker st jones said...

Ky seemed much the same as it was 20 years ago (when I was last there), though they have ruined the old rectory at the church, tried to make it more modern or something. /T

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

I'm with you - there were always too many flies in Summer.
So lovely to see another generation enjoying the farm.

I'm sorry to hear about the Ky rectory. It was so beautiful. Who could have thought it needed changing?