Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pools & Rain (T)

The boys have just finished a 8 week swimming course; Sebastian was gung-ho from the start, but Eddie took a few weeks to warm up. The water sports haven't been limited to the pool; this week has rained almost solidly and the sand pit has been more or less completely abandoned to its watery fate.

More adventures in the dash-8 commute. On Thursday, I booked myself on the earlier flight (for some reason that now escapes me). Of course, I didn't remember, so I turned up at the airport and needed to buy the final available ticket on the 6:45pm flight to get a seat. I've always been slightly bothered and quite impressed in novels when characters just saunter up to an airport and buy a ticket and get on a plane. I'm always stuck envious of their nonchanlance, but thinking "if they'd booked online the week before, they would have got a much better deal".

Anyway, another, smaller, plane landed at PMQ before mine did. Eddie was waiting with Grandma, and when people started to get off he said "Oh, they're big". I suppose he expected small people on small planes.


becca said...

what a gorgeous smile you have little sebbie. can't wait to see you again. love auntie becca

Megs said...

hilarious! we love you 4!