Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Last Few Weeks (T)

For the week after the birth, Anita and Seb went into hospital for treatment for his jaundice and other minor ailments. That's what the glowing light is for in the photo.

Then, thank God, my mother arrived and has tirelessly helped around the house, with Eddie, and Seb.

Finally, Eddie making a phone call. The 'um' mimics his mother's phone manner.


sam said...


Rachel Jones said...

Lovely to see these pictures. What a beautiful boy, Sebastian is!
I'm looking forwards very much to meeting him.
Please give him a kiss from me.
And one for Eddie too.
much love to you all,
Aunt Rachel
PS My blog has just been updated...

a said...

naturally, sam

a said...

about time, rach

suzyb said...

what beautiful, beautiful boys! many congratulations to you all.