Monday, February 05, 2007

Marylebone (T)

Here is my mother at the former home of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, which she tracked down somewhere in Marylebone, on one of her day trips with Eddie.

We just changed our minds again today about selling our flat; we're going to keep it, regardless of how our plans develop for 2007. We'll probably find it hard to sell again in the short term even if we do continue vacillating, as we're running out of estate agents to annoy.

I read an article in the Christmas edition of The Economist that described recent research into the brain and the relationship between its physical structure and our base emotions and thus our psychology. Neural scientists agree that there are six basic emotions which underly our more complex psychological emotions such as greed or desire.

The base emotions are: fear, anger, joy, surprise, disgust and sadness.

I guess if these emotions are fairly evenly distributed then it should be no surprise that life is hard. Perhaps the best you can do is hope your surprises are nice ones.


Kack said...

That is a day trip?? It looks much more like night...oh that's right, it is probably 3:30pm in the afternoon on a London winter's day - please excuse the sarcasm, I think I may have water on the brain from this excessive humidity.

Megs said...

...and there are facial expressions to go with the basic emotions which are universal across cultures ... not many things are universal, eh?

it's lovely seeing pictures of you all on your blog, and mum, that coat is fantastic! you must've bought it at a really flash store!!!!

anita said...

what we are saying sam, is that our flight from london may not be permanent :)

sam said...

ah, we are pleased :)

and pleased (of course!) that you guys are feeling peaceful about it!

Rachel Jones said...

I wish you much joy in 2007, wherever you lay your hat.

(and yes, Megan, there are universally recognised facial expressions that match the basic emotions. That's largely how they were agreed upon.)