Tuesday, November 23, 2010

7 and a half months or 'Our wall of fame' (A)

Stella was not quite sure why, on a cold Sunday afternoon Eddie and Mummy took her to John Lewis in a taxi.

This man seems friendly enough, yes, i will smile at him thinks stella....

oooo, what a good job

Hang on, I'm not so sure about this!!

I (Anita) am proud to say all the 4 kids have now had their imprints done at John Lewis (Tom does not understand the big deal of these imprints he says) - the 3 boys' hang on their wall and they await stella's (background colour 'heather'....eddie's is 'light green', seb was 'terracotta' and roo 'violet') to join them!

Eddie's were done in 2005, on my way to the Clapham vicarage (it was the day of the Summer Fair). He was 7 and a half weeks old! Seb and Roo were done together - well we had to go back with Roo the next week because he wouldn't uncurl his fist on the day!- when we were back in London, after our Oz year....so Seb was 19 months and Roo only 9 weeks. why am i telling you this? I don't know

maybe it marks the end of a little era in my life. i don't think i will be getting any more imprints done... and, i am thankful this time i remembered to get some pix of the event!

Here they are in their fairylight glory, awaiting Stella......


gretta at lothlorien said...

And coincidentally, Stella's embroidery should arrive there any day now, too. It's wrapped as as Christmas gift, so you may want to keep it.

You know the old wives' tale about Mums who take note of the 'last' baby, the 'last 'visit to John Lewis, etc .....they fall pregnant again.

Aunty Julie said...

Gorgeous! I completely understand the imprints but feel D would be on Toms side here....maybe its a mum thing? Wish we had somewhere to go do them here, the clay idea is great - i was given a plaster of paris set for E but never did it as was unconvinced he'd hold still cant believe I never thought of clay....maybe I will have 2 make a 2 1/2 yr & new born set when peanut arrives.... :)

AKWA said...

Thanks for sharing this. we are so glad of your wonderful blogging. Irene

Megs said...

how very lovely!
I am excited to see Stella's prints 'in the flesh' (or 'in the rock'?) in March!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox