Thursday, February 16, 2006

Time to reflect

Eddie discovering himself in the Brabantia bin in our kitchen!

He is ALMOST crawling...little bunny-hops and swivels are getting him vaguely from A to B, but yesterday I saw a distinct crawling action for about a I predict nothing will stop him very soon.

9.42kg in weight, Eddie's actually lost a bit this month - maybe all the concerted efforts to move?

For the next 2 weeks he needs some asthma medication for a slight wheeze detected by his doctor...she doesn't think it's permanent...dear little boy.


baker st jones said...

Don't you like my title? anita :)

sam and becca said...
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sam and becca said...

its very poignant!

how great, isn't that like a major developmental stage to identify reflections? If you put lipstick on his head and he wipes it off, i think it means he is self aware!?

baker st jones said...

indeed. i should hope so

Joshua said...

hey guys, glad to see you blogging (in that is, in fact, a verb). i can't believe how much Eddie has grown, the last, and i suppose only, time i saw him he was pretty well new. glad to see him being a normal, active kid. take care.