Friday, February 24, 2006


I know it is a little dark, but this photo shows Eddie in the change room at our local swimming pool...
He seems to be choosing which swim suit to wear. Mine's the floral one. He wears stripes.

You can also see that his BCG (tuberculosis) jab wound is still quite big. We'll probably need to get it checked out next week, to make sure it's healing properly. They give this jab in London because apparently the cosmopolitan nature of the city means greater risk of catching TB.

We try to go 'swimming' once a week. This involves me holding E as we walk down from the shallow end into deeper water. He shudders and shivers a bit in apprehension...and then relaxes and starts to splash about with his hands, staring in fascination at the adult swimmers in the lane next to us. Sometimes they even stop to say hi and tell E how cute he is, and how good it is that he's learning to swim.

Swimming makes Eddie hungry. Here he is later on (6pm) at dinner time. Mmmmmm, raspberry yogurt, my favourite... hands are looking pretty big there, little fella.


sam and becca said...

he is the cutest little boy! he is getting so big isn't he? we'll have to come and visit again soon.

we have classic fm on, and the lovely hymn 'be still my soul' is on, sung by libera a London boys choir.

gretta at lothlorien said...

Yes, he is the cutest little boy!! And he's changing in appearance. I was looking at Jan photos today, and the TB jab is smaller than it was when he was here. Glad he didn't choose the flowery bikini, leaving you the stripey little one, Anita!

Rachel Jones said...

I've heard him say "Mmmm!" I think it counts as a first word - definately in response to good food!