Saturday, March 26, 2011

I go downstairs to make them toast....(A)

and return to discover Stella has eaten a postage stamp that fell off my desk... it was first class no less!

Reminds me of a family story, when my brother David was little and he was helping lick the stamps for Aunty Ruby in the office, and he swallowed one! It also happened to be one of the more expensive ones, right? Wasn't it one for overseas?

We are having a lazy, relaxed Saturday morning....Tom in bed, all 4 kids in lounge, watching Bob the builder and eating sticky bits of paper.

Megan and Coco, who are here for 12 days are spending the weekend at Sam and Becca's...looking forward to having them ALL here for the night of the 31st march!!


Megs said...

we are looking forward to being there for the 31st, celebrating `tom, what a treat to be here!
is it ok if we stay at yours on tuesday night rather than cambridge`/
we are loving this adventure!
ps jamyo is the word v.
very bedtime!

gretta at lothlorien said...

It's obviously in the genes.

nellie bosma said...

Yes it was an overseas stamp that David swallowed.

It has been and always will be one of 'memories of David', while living at the Mission centre.

I have some not franked stamps to send you, will that make up for the one Stella devoured? She obviously couldn't wait for the toast.

Love to you all!

caroline said...

Happy birthday cute little Stella and thank you so much again for making it possible for me, to see Meg and Coco!! Was beautiful!
Thanks for hosting me in your beautiful home! It was inspiring me- its always good to see sometimes, something different :-)
So be really blessed -love caro.

Dave said...
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Dave said...

Its all heresay as far as I am concerned... :)

love d

gretta at lothlorien said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Darling Eddie!! We hope to ring you tonight. Much love, Grandma