Friday, July 11, 2008

3 boys...


Kathryn said...

fabulously manic!!

I am just bursting with love for you all, and am laughing to keep the tears in my eyes from spilling down my cheeks :) :)

K xxxxxx

x <- extra one for newbie

Megs said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful boys!
Thank you SO SO SO much for putting pics and movie up on the blog so soon! 'Twas divine speaking to ALL FIVE BAKER ST. JONES' today! (Did you know that baby gurgled just after you said goodbye Anita?) I am SO proud of you, super Mum! MUCH MUCH MUCH love to each of you! Thomas, Father of Three Sons, Anita, Mother of Three Sons, and BIG BROTHERS Edmund and Sebastian!! Wooo Hooo!!
Love proud Auntie Megan!

frogs friend said...

Thanks for bringing the three boys into my world .. the adventures and stories yet to be told as the journey begins lots of love to you all

forever Marita

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita, Tom and all your beautiful boys,
We wish you our most sincere congratulations on the safe arrival of your new baby boy. It was so good seeing your videos and pictures- you all look so happy.
We are all well here and we are going to Thredbo tomorrow for a family skiing holiday with my brother and his family and my two sisters.
Love from
Bruce Margot Tom and Steve
(Strathfield, Australia)

Megs said...

there are 6 love languages, not 5...
the love language of giving small cars! lovely boys

Jenny said...

Congratulations guys. I was only just thinking this morning of you Anita, and whether the baby was due soon.
He looks adorable.
I agree with Kathryn... the video was fabulousy manic.

Anonymous said...

you guys are amazing. so glad it all went well. he is a lucky boy to have 2 great older brothers already steering him towards the right priorities.
love and hugs
April, dave, Taylor, India, Ethan and Abi

Jules said...

How gorgeous all three of your sons are!
Jules, Dave & Elijah XOXOX

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the all the Jones family. I reckon Sebastian is going to be great in his new role as a big brother! Love and hugs to you all, Ruth S xxx

suzyb said...

gorgeous gorgeous boys.
the title should have read "4 boys" given that tom was also in the clip.
many congratulations!

triona said...

COngratualtions! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. love, tri

Anonymous said...

Anita and Tom... CONGRATULATIONS. What gorgeous little boys - all three of them. Lynanne x

ulrica&magnus said...

Congratulation on the new little boy!
He is very sweet and Sebastian and Ed seem very exited about their little brother.

All the best to the five of you
Ulrica & Magnus

sam becca & zach said...

yay for jones number 3 (becca is number 3, so will be great person no doubt).
heaps of love from us all. see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anita & Tom!!! - another beautiful little boy!

Love to all of you,
Ann, Marshall & Glen xxx

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Loved the picture - clear reminiscence of the birth of our nr 3 grandchild!!Hope you get some???!!!! rest Anita! Much love to you all and a special 'welkomknuffel' (Dutch) for Bubbie!

Anonymous said...

hi anita

congratulations on the birth of the 3rd boy!!do you have a name for him already?i'm sure you'll pick a nice one! it seems like yesterday when we were both in australia and you emailed me to tell me you were pregnant....i still cannot believe it!! i was looking at the video and just imagining my 2 children as edmund and sebas playing with a 3rd baby.....i think it would be too crazy for me right now. good luck anyway to all of you and i wish you all plenty of health to bring him up happy and strong! keep in touch!

Ana, Noah and trianaxxx

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the latest of the Bosma-Jones clan. Hope to see you and meet bubby in person before Christmas in the UK - only 2 1/2 weeks till I hit the middle east.

xxx Annie

gretta at lothlorien said...

What beautiful boys!!!!!!!

Justin said...

So *great*. Praise Jesus.