Friday, July 11, 2008

It's a boy!!!

Born: 11th July 2008, 2PM (At home)
Weight: 3.6 KG

So, we have a new son! Sebastian was very affectionate, and the car you can see at his shoulder was a gift from Sebastian. Eddie said "he wants some milk".

Mother and child both well.


Sharon said...

wooohooooo congratulations! He is so blessed to have you both for parents and Eddie and Sebastian for brothers

S xxx

josh and sarah 10.05.07 said...

wow! congrats you guys, and welcome.........does he have a name?

josh and sarah

Joshua said...

Congratulations guys! glad to see/hear all is well with mom and the new little one. looks like his brothers are behaving a lot better than i did when my little brother was brought home... i started torturing him, almost immediately.

John, Johanna & Rudy said...

Yay Anita - only 8 hours. WELL DONE!
Gorgeous little one. Three! What a full house - how tremendous! Love to you all - Johanna, John and Rudy

Jules said...

Congratulations!!! Elijah's short lived youngest grandchild reign is over:) - although it only lasted 9 days on the other side of the family.....We are very excited for you guys & so thankful 2 God that the labour quick & that you all are well! Look forward 2 meeting him, hopefully in the not too distant future - Our Love & Prayers are with you!
Jules, Dave & Elijah

Nicole, Graeme and Janel said...

Congrats, guys! Well done Anita! Hope the coming days aren't too manic for you all, as you settle into having a 3rd little one to care for.

Anonymous said...

He's soooo beautiful! Congratulations guys... and love the video of the boys interacting. Special moments... Wonderful to hear that you had your little man at home Anita and you're both well - good old Ina May!!!! Looking forward to seeing more piccies of your family and hearing what you're up to. Enjoy!

Take Care, Much love,

Beck, Jim and Atticus x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new little family member Jones family. Absolutely adorable and the video clip is just gorgeous. Eddie and Seb are very cute in their loving gestures to bubby-J.
All the very best.
Lotsa love, Suse T
PS - I too was born at home and a #3 baby :) GREAT times ahead for you all xox

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Precious boy!
Such wonderful news and so glad everyone is doing well.
I haven't been able to see the video but the photos are beautiful. Brotherly love!
much love to you all,
Aunt Rachel