Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mum & Eddie (T)

Here's anita, days before the new baby was born. Lacking something in generosity, Eddie's first comment when he saw anita after the baby was born was "mum, why is your tummy still big?"

It isn't now, of course, but we are in a guileless phase. Perhaps not for long, he looked guilty when I found him in the kitchen this morning, not saying 'good morning'; his smile returned when he showed me the freddo frog concealed behind his back. Where did you get that? I asked. From the wrapper, he replied literally, opening the rubbish bin to show me.


anita said...

the artwork i am standing next to was near the victoria and albert museum (on the space where the first crystal palace exhibition took place) and it commemorates the 9 pregnancies of queen victoria...the artist was on site and v pleased to have me pose for some shots...i became the number 10 pregnant woman in her piece

anita said...

...not the museum, sorry, the v&a memorial - you know that thing that looks like a shrine....also next to the minigolf area where eddie and his friend had their 3rd birthday parties

Megs said...

all so lovely, this family-ing!
love x5,

gretta at lothlorien said...

Fame for no.3 baby, in utero. Loved the story of Eddie and the chocolate frog. Hard to imagine him not greeting you with a "good morning"- he said that to me every morning, 1st thing, last year in PMQ.