Thursday, July 31, 2008


The little one is nearly 3 weeks old, and still without a name. You get six weeks, and then the UK government insists you make your choice, because you need to register. I don't know what happens if you call their bluff at that point, perhaps they assign a name, for boys, Winston or William.

Six weeks is also the age he can have his first dummy, so you can't give a dummy to a child without a name, in this country.

Last weekend was cousin zach's baptism, he was joined by some adult baptisms and so got the full immersion tub.

Here's us with G&G out the front of Ascension Church, in the sun before the service.

I'm not doing the 'T' thing in the headings any more, it's always me doing the posts, anita's last one was 2 and half years ago, I think.


Kathryn said...

buses and tractors! huzzah!

K xxx

Jenny said...

Why can't babies have a dummy beforehand?

anita said...

jenny - i guess they can, but mums r advised not to use them too soon bcse it can cause nipple confusion...when u r trying to establish breastfeeding etc

darling i am sorry my last blog post was 2 and a half yrs ago, i guess i have been busy?

trust you to spot their toys kathryn - yes, vehicles of all kinds very very popular here

sam becca & zach said...

for every Jones in our generation and below in these photos, Ascension has been a very significant place.

sam becca & zach said...

i'd love a copy of the photo of zach being baptised as we don't have any. it's a good shot.

lovely family photo of you guys too - tom looks like an angel dropped in to the photo with that white glow :)


Megs said...

Coco just sneaked out of bed for a 'quick, quiet hug', and was delighted to see her wee 'new cousin'! She's very convinced you should call baby 'Sezzy', which she says is spelt C-R-O!!!!

much love! and don't worry! you've got 3 more weeks in which to decide! long time!

lovely to see pics of Mum and Dad with you!

love Megs

Megs said...

Eowyn has just arrived for her 'quick quiet hug!' she thinks you could call baby 'Ben'! 'Nice name, huh?' she says!!!!

i think 'Llewelyn'!!!!!

love Meg