Sunday, April 08, 2007

Swaddle and Clamshell (T)

Anita was taught the age old technique of swaddling by one of her English friends; the photo here is in our flat in London. It helps baby Sebastian to sleep well without waking himself up with those jerky movement that babies do. It seems obvious to do it, but we didn't swaddle Eddie.

Into the 21st century...When I first saw those 'clamshell' phones in America a few years ago I thought they looked silly and ungainly and couldn't see the point. However last week I got one for my Oz mobile, and am now a convert. Very satisfying to open to answer a call or snap shut to finish it. No messing around with key lock, just close the lid.

Here's a 3D demo of my new phone.

I also put a couple of further 'traffic' photos below.


anita said...

i do seem to look slightly demonic there with my young child, tom

triona said...

i've bee clamshell for 2 years now. big fan. the close of the phone for terminating a call doesn't get any less satisfying.
just had a nice weekend in hampshire with the winter clan down there. such a lovely time, lovely place. sam

baker st jones said...

More Victorian than anything I would say my dear.

Sam, have your in-laws ever run any Christmas events with a title like "winter with the winters"? You might want to suggest it to them if they haven't.

gretta at lothlorien said...

It will be summer with the Winters for Samandbecca soon. Yes, I swaddled, and also covet those snapping phones.