Monday, April 16, 2007


For my birthday Anita gave me the game 'bopit', which must be played to be undertsood but is an addictive reflex based game where you must quickly respond to the game's commands to "twist it", "spin it", "flick it", "bop it" etc.

Here cousin James settles down for a long game. (Though it wasn't).


Sam said...

yours has a slightly slicker, more adult look about it. just think of the skills you are developing if ever you need to quickly and without warning flick it, spin it, twist it, pull it or indeed bop it!

Nicole, Graeme and Janel said...

Only played it once, but it is indeed a great game!! Enjoy!

Megs said...

eddie, you're nearly one! can you believe it! when i tried calling tom for his birthday, Nellie answered and couldn't hear me. hopefully on Eddie's birthday the connexion shall work (are your feelings towards jane austen much changed from those in high school, tom?) i love her spelling of 'connexion'!

love to all 4 of you, and the Bosma families! ( i suppose Anita's sister's family isn't a Bosma family, so hello to the whatever their surname is family too!

love megs

gretta at lothlorien said...

Eddie is actually nearly 2, Meggs. Will try ringing tomorrow, but have a wonderful family birthday celebration tomorrow. Love, from Melbourne. (Dad at the essendon/Collingwood match. Dinner out with Seren last night. Very nice.She'd love to see the boys)