Friday, April 27, 2007

Family (T)

On Wednesday I flew from Tokyo to Hong Kong. It is an unusal flight for me as of the tens of trips I seem to make each year, I can only remember a handful of times when I've flown between two cities without a personal link in either. As if to rectify this, in Hong Kong I bumped into my Auntie Nancie and my cousin Judy!

Incredibly, I actually bumped into them twice, once in the morning when I was between two meetings and then at the end of the day.

We ended up having dinner before my trip back to Perth. The photo here is the former British Army Barracks in the Hong Kong New Territories (the bit away from the main built up area, before you get to China proper). A Nancie and Judy are staying there, the buildings are being used by a charity called Crossroads which brings together gifts of goods with the right needy people - Jumpers to Kazhakstan and T-shirts to Phillipines etc. This sort of system was lacking for handling all the non-cash gifts recieved by aid agencies at the time of the Asian Tsunami, much of which were wasted.


sam said...

how incredible?! must have been the lord who made you bump into each other!

gretta at lothlorien said...

It's too much to be a co-incidence