Saturday, August 11, 2012

at ashe and rupert's (T)

a sleepover!


Elijah Ondre said...

We r looking 4ward 2 our own sleepover at the Jones residence at the end of the year!! xox

Benjamin Ady said...

they're gonna miss you...
though the nice thing is that they'll be there in the holidays, and associated with the fun of hols and the loveliness of this time you've all had living at Moreton. I am so thankful to have tasted that with you - a time i shall always cherish. running to the gym along the bay path early in the morning, i feel connected to those runs in the Dorset countryside. i am so thankful for you 6 and the cherished place you hold in my heart.
Love, Meg

AKWA said...

What a giant nutella.
Hannah has a friend sleeping over tonight. They are doing the 40 hour famine together.

I xx