Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Afternoon with Reuben (T)

exploring Moreton forest

the new treehouse


Jim and Nellie said...

What a great tree and house and what a great explorer Reuben to enjoy it. love from Opa and Oma xx

gretta at lothlorien said...

How lovely to have special time with Roo.

Benjamin Ady said...

Reuben is sheer loveliness. Love Auntie Megs xo

Dave said...

treehouse wow!
lots of love

Anonymous said...

So glad you blog again! Glad too that other people forget ¨pc things¨ when not doing it for a while.... But what a lovely wee fellow and a great treeclimber, Reuben!Love to you all, Eskelien

AKWA said...

LOVE Reuben in the trees and the yellow tee.

aunty I