Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some of our local sights (A)

I see Blogspot now puts your photos in the order you choose them...WOW! it has clearly been too long since i blogged. The Reuben you see in these pics is only 3 and a will soon see he has grown - we celebrated his 4th at his Forest birthday party on to come (once i remember how to download them!!)


AKWA said...

So great you are enjoying a magical time.
Love you.
I xx

nellie bosma said...

Thanks for sharing your surroundings with u, beautiful, specially Reuben Gabriel!
The first one reminds me of 'the bridge' in Albany (do you remember that Anita, when you went there with Opa & Oma Bosma?). XXXXXX

2harewood said...

yes. people here jump in and swim to touch durdle door (4 of our guests have done so thus far...and i am sure more of you (strong aussie swimmers) will get the chance when you come visit....tom and i have yet to brave the cold)



Megs said...

sights and sites!!!! and i have seen them all, with you!!!!

sam and i laughed and laughed after that chilly durdle door swim!!!! who were the other 2 guests? nina said the water is 3 months behind the weather, so go 3 months after the hottest summer day!

love you 6,

gretta at lothlorien said...

I'm missing you all so much. Pictures help...

AKWA said...

I LOVE these photos of you Reuben.

IWhen I am at the computer you always make me smile.

Love aunty irene

sam becca zach and martha said...

Gorgeous Reuben! b x