Sunday, January 24, 2010

School boy, Home boys (A)


Dave said...

Gorgeous! Eddie looks so grown up in his tie! E very much enjoyed the clips.- Jules xox

aunty becca said...

Eddie - you look lovely in your uniform, and very smart! I hope you are enjoying your school.

Great videos of the boys at home. they must miss eddie.

love aunty becca x

sam becca and zach said...

oh my gosh, look at you Eddie! Aren't you a big boy with a tie on. I don't like wearing ties and have tried to get out of them for as long as I can remember! u S

Megs said...

EDDIE! You are very cute in your school uniform (says Eowyn!) the funniest thing (says Coco) is Eddie!
You look so ENGLISH! Auntie Meg is very proud of you!

We Ady ladies love the Sebi and Roo movies, and are about to watch them again!

BTW Eddie, Coco says that saying you are the funniest thing is a big compliment!!

Miss Jones and Mummy Anita, you are espeically in our prayers!!! We love you SIX!

Victor, Rachel and David J-L said...

Eddie, what a big boy you are! Are you enjoying school?
Sebi and Roo, cousin David loved watching these videos of you. He wants to play with you!

We would like to come and visit you in July. Could we stay at your house then?

love to you all, Rachel

gretta at lothlorien said...

Oh, those pics made me cry. Can't believe Eddie is so grown-up and smart.And Seb playing the big bro role. And Roo so much bigger. Much love,

anita said...

thank you for all your lovely comments.

don't worry gretta, eddie is still so so young,(it's a shame the school is so schooly, i wish it was all a bit more relaxed, as they ARE so young)....and rach, yes, would be a pleasure! so far the guest book for july says EMPTY!!!