Saturday, January 02, 2010

Eddie and Anita: Blackpool and back (A)

We start our trip just down the road...There's someone special up north we need to see. I hope we find her....

Our 9.30am train to Glasgow.

Mmmmm, breakfast on the train. Dipping mini pancakes into syrup

Games and a fortune cookie from last night's Chinese take-out. Eddie's badge from last year's panto.

Lunch and a picture of the gingerbread house wall we were bringing for Gemma.

What's this?? Sun on my face!?

We arrived!

Walking through the streets of central Blackpool....Hey, who's this?!

Looking for Tinkerbell.....

The Grand Theatre....Maybe she's in here?

Finding Tinkerbell in the audience

Our real Tinkerbell on the stage

If only I had thought to take pix of the lovely reunion of Gemm and Ed at the stage door after the show...Hugs and kisses all round!

Peter Pan doing puzzles on the train home, and playing on my Iphone on the final stretch home in the bus! Home by 9pm. A long day, but it was worth it!


Megs said...

how wonderful, Anita, Eddie and Gemma!
I love your chronicling of this adventure, Anita!!!!
love you all!

nelliebosma said...

It just feels like we have journeyed with you for the day. Thanks for the experience, was great!
Love Opa & Oma

gretta at lothlorien said...

That was great, Anita. You must have been so tired. How amazing a nannie is that!! Eddie looks very suave as Peter Pan. Much love

anita said...

yes, a nicely colour-coded, stripey woollen jumper he has on under his tunic... thank you grandma!


Megs said...

you were right! I awoke at 3 and 4 and was totally exhausted all day and emotional and teary...

sam becca and zach said...

what a lovely blog post - made me cry.
eddie is so gorgeous.
becca xx

Gem aka Tinkerbell said...

awww...!!! I've only just seen this, it's so lovely!!! xx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely encounter. How very worthwhile!!love, Eskelien