Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Man (A)

I am 18 months old.


gretta at lothlorien said...

What a cheery-faced 18 month old boy. love,

Victor, Rachel and David J-L said...

Yay for Roo!!

i love all the wall art. I've not noticed that before.

Victor, Rachel and David J-L said...

btw, i think your header should have "thomas" rather than "tom".

baker st jones said...

Yes, I get your point, we've got the full names for everyone else. On the other hand, we do commonly use all the name-forms in that title except Edmund (always Eddie). So I could also resolve the issue by replacing Edmund with Eddie. This needs some more thought.

sam becca and zach said...

.. and GORGEOUS!!

B xx

Megs said...

You are GORGEOUS Reuben! I can;'t wait to meet you, and Miss JOnes, and to see your big brothers Eddie adn Seb, and your Mummy and Dad!

Thank you so VERY much for the delightful gifts for Coco, and for the lovely housewarming gift for us! Coco pops are COco's favourite!! and chocolate macadamia nut sweetbread is amongst mine!

And soon you will be warming a new house! when do you move? we are very excited for you about the house and Miss Jones and your Aussie au pair!

MUCH love,
Meg,and Bens, Eowyn and COco send love too!