Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Parties, parties, parties (A)

Somehow these last couple of months seem to have been filled with lots of birthday parties... they have all involved either, fancy dress, copious amounts of food, and/or jumping into ball pits!


anita said...

Seb is dressed as an 'oriental delight' in a fez hat that aunty irene bought us from Sarajevo, chinese pyjamas that i picked up in a nearly new sale in Chelsea, and shoes from Uncle David from India...impressive huh

also - that is eddie as Sportacus, amidst the bubble machine...sportacus is very sporty as u can imagine. from an icelandic tv show called 'lazy town'...before we knew all this eddie would run around the house, standing on one leg etc calling himself sportacus - we were totally baffled until we saw the show (which is also kind of baffling)

a recent party was fiesta themed - will put up photos later, and everyone got a sombrero to take home

parents got margaritas

Benjamin Ady said...

like the parents got margaritas idea!

Coco has coloured balls like that at her school, which she enjoys!

Arrived home from work today to a sparkling clean house, as our cleaner had been whilst I was away. This could get addictive!

love meg

gretta at lothlorien said...

Seb has the inscrutable Oriental look just right.