Friday, June 06, 2008

Lands End (T)

We were staying right at the southernmost point of England, which is called "Lands End". Its counterpart up north in Scotland is John O' Groats.


gretta at lothlorien said...

Beautiful. Eddie looks as though he's striding out towards John o'Groats.

anita said...

actually, believe it or not, that's seb

gretta at lothlorien said...

NO!!! Same determined set of the shoulders.

Megs said...

I worked in a pub near there years ago!
lovely family holiday.
love m

sam and becca said...

looks like the loch ness monster in the background...?

baker st jones said...

good eyesight - that's directly off the coast from Lands End, and it looks like a helicopter landing pad, but I suspect it's some sort of lighthouse.
Loch Ness Monster is a possibility, but it doesn't move much.

Anonymous said...

hi Anita and Tom and boys!
great to have this glimpse of you all! So clever to keep this so up to date!
please tell me is the English address the same???

anita said...


and got your postcard today - thanks