Friday, June 27, 2008

Education (T)

The other day in the lounge room, Eddie was whirling his fishing rod around saying it was "like a windmill". I asked him where he learned about windmills, and he paused, grinned, and said "from TV". This is becoming his standard answer, though we're hoping that his school experience will also add to his pool of knowledge. I picked him up after school Thursday, and he was sitting on the steps with the other 20 or so children, cheerfully manhandling the boy next to him, who seemed also to take it in good part. Eddie saw me, ran up, and said "School's great. I love it".


A few months ago, I recieved a letter which began:

"Dear Mr T Jones
This may be the strangest letter you have ever recieved, and we hope you accept it in the good-natured way it is intended. We just wanted to know if your name is Tom Jones?....."

I replied by email to say "Yes it is, but I'm no Welsh Baritone..."

What's it all about???? this space...

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Victor and Rachel J-L said...

So glad Eddie loves school.
Mum told me your story reminded her of walking past your school in Cambridge, Tom, and seeing you happily sitting on top of another child!
love, Rachel