Monday, July 23, 2007

Roadtrip (T)

On the weekend we did the roadtrip up to Port Macquarie (PMQ), which will be our base for the immediate future. I got a fantastic deal on the car - I don't think Avis expect someone to drive a car from Sydney to Port and leave it; the price was just $69 all inclusive for a holden commodore, no excess kilometers and no one-way drop-off fee. Including petrol, $128 for the whole trip. The lady at the drop-off point in Port couldn't believe it, she said in the country they have a excess charge beyond 200 kilometres.
It was a good drive up, we visited April & Dave near Manly on the way, most of the Mac tribe was their to see us, and other than getting waylaid in Maitland for 45 minutes, it was smooth sailing the whole way.


Kathryn said...

oh, look at the brothers in the back seat of the car! I remember so many trips with my brothers... not a capsule, but I remember my little bro in his car seat :)

glad you're all up there safely and you have a base; lots of love to Gretta!

K xxx

Jenny said...

Great photo of the boys holding hands.