Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Commute (T)

In April and May I was commuting from Perth to Sydney; now I'm doing it from Port Macquarie. I get a plane down on Tuesday morning and fly back on Thursday evening, so two nights in Sydney, and three working days.

It's a good trip, just two hours door to door this week, Eddie and Grandpa came to the airport to see me off.

Here's the plane after it landed in Sydney. It's got two propellers; the runway in PMQ isn't big enough to handle jets, though there is constant talk about upgrading it according to my father.


Justin said...

A Dash 8?

Whats your job, Tom?

baker st jones said...

Ah, a connoisseur.

Yes indeed, a dash 8.

I'm running the company 'SMARTS' that I started with two others back in's where I've been doing my whole working life.

anita said...

i love the photo - the plane looks blessed, bathed in sunlight