Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ashfield (T)

We are staying in Ashfield, in Sydney's "inner west". The main street is dominated by Chinese restaurants, and according to the local paper, representatives of the Chinese community recently approached the council about installing a China-town style Arch. The goal is to attract 'international tourists', which does seem a little optimistic. Anyway, others have taken umbrage, and if the Arch goes ahead, the Greeks have apparently threatened to respond with a model of the Parthenon, which all sounds pretty interesting, even for the international tourists.

Here's Anita with Sebi out the back. Sebi will be 6 months tomorrow.


Kathryn said...

beautiful Sebi, lovely Anita!

happy half-birthday, little boy :)

gretta at lothlorien said...

Hello darling Sebi. Can't wait to meet you. Grandad and Jo were very impressed with the boys.

Justin said...

Hi to the family!