Thursday, February 09, 2012

Rachel's coat, Stephen's coat?, Stella's coat (A)


Jim and Nellie said...

What a model xx love Opa and Oma XX

gretta at lothlorien said...

Very cute, Stella. I love that coat. I quickly took it off the rack,in Mothercare, just to check sizes, for little Rachel, but she looked so cute in what was sold as a boy;s coat that I couldn;t resist it

Sam said...


AKWA said...

So cool it's a boys coat! She looks fabulously happy in it.

Aunty I

Rachel J-L said...

My coat!!
So glad Stella is enjoying it so much!

Megs said...

we are sooooooooooooo excited to see you all THIS MONTH!

We have a photo of Eowyn in Rachel, Stevie and Stella's coat, too!

I love the way you cherish sentimental handmedowns, Anita!

Love Mxxx