Thursday, February 02, 2012

New pyjamas, old pyjamas and a skeleton (A)


gretta at lothlorien said...

Lovely pj's. Greta work with the dino. I am in the throes of organizing dino games for Coco's dinosaur party tomorrow,.... dino origami, decorating pre-historic butterfly cookies, etc

Anita said...

Well I think this post shld be for the honoured birthday girl, coco!! Thank u for our invite coco, and I wish we cld be there!!! Happy dinosaur party!!!

Xxx xxx

Rachel J-L said...

Lovely pictures! They're getting so big.
much love to you all,

AKWA said...

Lovely lounge wear. :)
Love Aunty I

Megs said...

Coco says thank you Auntie Anita!! We wish you all could be here too! Maybe we can all run around roaring and being dinosaurs in Dorset!! I recognise the lovely orange hallowe'en pumpkin outfit Stella is wearing - thanking you so much for dressing them in our handmedowns Anita and Tom! It warms my heart, and means so much to me!
Love, Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jim and Nellie said...

Thank you for the updates great love Opa XX

sam becca zach and martha said...

gorgeous in their new pj's!!
and love the dino shot!
b xx